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Solar Battery Storage Systems

Storing Power From Solar Panels


Can I Charge My EV From A Solar Storage Battery?

Yes! Solar Battery Storage Will Make It Very Economical To Run.

Solar panels combined with a solar storage battery are a convenient and cost-effective way to power (fuel) your electric vehicle (EV). An array of between 6 to 12 solar panels should do it for you. The more the better really when you consider the ever increasing cost of petrol and your home’s utility bill. As of March 2022, this is looking horrendous.

These two expenses alone should be the catalyst for you to contact us for your FREE feasibility study and quotation. Speak to one of our energy advisors today – no charge (excuse the pun!)

Cleaner environment, No congestion charge, Lower running costs, Renewable electricity tariffs, Better driving experience, Government funding, Free parking, Reduced noise pollution and Increased resale value.

How Long Is My Pay-Back From A Solar Battery Storage System?

The payback period for solar panels in the U.K. has a national average of slightly less than 10 years. If you live in the South, which receives more sunlight annually than the North, that period is shorter to the tune of about a year. That means that your solar panels will pay for themselves in less than a decade. A solar battery storage system, will shorten that period.

A solar storage battery system can help homeowners manage their power consumption. Many solar-powered
homes produce more electricity than they use. This excess solar energy will simply go into the power grid and
if you have a smart-meter/export-meter, you’ll receive between 1.0p and 7.5p per kWh from your utility supplier
according to their Smart Export Guarantee Tariff.

Using the data from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) – the average household will only use between 35%-50%
of the electricity they produce, the rest going back into the grid.

The same household with a solar battery storage system installed will use around 80% of the electricity they produce. Many of our energy conscious customer’s use 100% of their self-generated electricity by heating their household water via our Solar Assisted Heat Pump Systems overnight.

As of February 2022, not having to buy so much from your energy supplier (27.0p per kWh’ish) will lessen the blow of the impending £693 energy price cap that’s coming our way soon! ***UPDATE March 2022*** We’re looking at another increase in October 2022

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